What Flooring Is Best for Leopard Geckos?

It is not that easy to choose the right type of flooring whether you want it for yourself or want for your pets. There are many people who are very attracted to their pets and they want to provide every possible thing that they can so that it becomes very easy for them to live happily with the owner.

There are many types of pets that people can have in one of those there is leopard, if you are animal lover then you will feel connected with your pets and then this will help you in realizing that your pet needs more care as they cannot talk to you but understand each and everything so it’s your duty to provide each possible thing that will help you in deciding right type of things that you can use for your pet.

Can flooring affect the health of Leopard?

What Flooring Is Best for Leopard Geckos?

Yes, flooring plays the most important role in the life of pets especially if you have a leopard gecko. if you don’t know about the type of flooring which is good for your pet then this will cause serious health problem and possible you will lose your loving pet. There is nothing worse than that, to avoid such condition it is necessary for you to understand the necessity of your pet that will help you in choosing the right flooring for them.

You must fulfill the need of your small pet as leopards are very specific about their daily habitat and they cannot live in temperature below 65 degrees Fahrenheit. So before making them your pet, you must know some of the essential things that will help you in taking care of your pet these are as follows –

  • The range of humidity must be in between 25 to 45%
  • Range of temperature needed is 65-85 degree Fahrenheit
  • A spot for hiding or sleeping
  • A small glass tank
  • If you do not provide the right type of food that they prefer to eat then this will become a factor for the death of your small leopard gecko.

There are many other things that will help you in knowing deep about leopard so you can make them your pet and then provide them all useful things that are necessary for their habitat.

Substrate plays a very important role where you can define it as an underline substance that you can use for your pet so they will not feel unhealthy.

How to choose the right substrate for leopard?

What Flooring Is Best for Leopard Geckos?

It is the most confusing task that will help you in getting best substrate for leopard gecko so that it suits the size of Gecko and if the safest one. There are many types of substrates available in the market that will help you in taking care of your pet. Most people choose to use a paper towel as a substrate for their pets so that they can live healthy.

If you want to know about the number of substrate that you can use for your pet then follow the given data-

Paper towel

– it is the first preference of most of the owner and it is termed as the best substrate for leopard geckos. With the help of a paper towel, your pet will not suffer from the problem of inhalation or ingestion and you can change it any type so that the place where your pet lives will be hygienic and very easy to clean. Cleanness plays a very important role in all living beings that is why you have to maintain the level of hygiene.


What Flooring Is Best for Leopard Geckos?

– this is also a perfect type of substrate that you can use for leopard so that they can feel the environment outside. There is some of the reason why sand is not considered as the best option because there is a huge risk of impaction and it is the biggest risk for Juveniles. There are many other factors like the growth of bacteria and unhygienic place. If your leopard lives in a place that is not properly clean then this is just like messing up with the life of your pet.

Reptile carpet

– it s the type of carpet which is designed especially for reptiles though these are very easy to clean and you can make the hygienic atmosphere for your pet that will help you in many ways. If you want to provide all possible things to your pet then start with the right type of substrate. People choose to save money but this is not the right way of taking care of your pet that is why you are required to provide the best substrate that is reptile carpet.

Slate rocks

– if you found smooth rocks then you can use that for your small pet so that this will help them in getting a naturalistic environment. It is not that easy to clean but you can use some of the brush that will help you in cleaning that place. This is the other best option of substrate that you can use for your pet.

The type of substrate that you must avoid

What Flooring Is Best for Leopard Geckos?

There are many types of substrate that you must avoid if you don’t want your pet to die these are wood chips, corn cob, wood shavings, gravels and walnut shells. If you use any of the above as a substrate then there is a huge chance of ingestion which is a serious issue for leopard geckos. To avoid such type of condition is better to avoid using it and provide the most suitable atmosphere where your pet can live happily and healthy. If you found any type of problem in the health of your pet then you must call the animal doctor for that and get instant treatment so that you will be able to save the life of your pet.

Hence getting the right type of flooring will help you in maintain the health of your pet without doing lots of effort. You can choose any of the substrate that you can get at for your pet.

How to Train Your Rabbit to Walk on a Leash?

How to Train Your Rabbit to Walk on a Leash?

Did you host a rabbit for you or your children? Well done ! The arrival of a sweet and cuddly pet at home is a magical moment. The adoption of a rabbit is becoming more common in homes, but this pet is still poorly understood in the way of care. Whatever his race, be it wild, dwarf or otherwise, he needs tenderness and being well tamed. Much cheaper to buy than a rabbit or cat, and because very affectionate, it is often offered as a gift to children. People do not really know their needs and the care they need. It is therefore vital for your new companion to know how to take care of it.

Here is a guide with some tips to take care of your rabbit, and understand better your new companion to make him happy his daily life shared with you. The use of the Best Rabbit Harness comes easy there.

What is the lifespan of a rabbit?

What is the lifespan of a rabbit?

The life of rabbits depends on whether it is wild or companion. But whether it is a dwarf rabbit, ram, lion or an angora rabbit, their life expectancy is the same: a pet rabbit will live on average 8 to 10 years. But if you take care of your pet by guaranteeing a quality life, caring, and affectionate and providing the care and healthy lifestyle adapted, he can live much longer.

How to manipulate his rabbit?

How to manipulate his rabbit?

The rabbit is an animal that is easily tamed, on the condition of bringing him affection, attention and delicacy. But cuddling and caressing her needs to know how to handle it.

Rabbits are indeed fragile and timid animals that tend to flee and make sudden jumps when trying to hold them in their arms.

So caution and vigilance in your actions and reactions with your rabbit. When you have to handle them (cuddles, games, cleaning the cage, etc.), support their entire body by placing an arm under them and hold them tight against you. This gesture of manipulation must be well respected, in order to protect your companion and avoid hurting him or hurting him. This could generate stress, fear or even a health problem.

The most proficient method to train a rabbit.

Rabbits like to be outside, but since they are the prey creatures, their normal impulse is to dash to security and conceal when they are out.

Any rabbit, at any age, may be prepared to stroll on a rope. Try to do that gradually, and for having a lot of tolerance and prizes. Here are a few hints on the most proficient method to rope training a rabbit.


– ammunition that allows you to control the movement of a rabbit, cat, rabbit. It is carried out in the form of a belt with a carbine for fastening to a collar.


– ammunition, consisting of belts of a specific design. It is made mainly of nylon, leather and canvas, equipped with a ring for attaching a leash. It is an alternative to a collar.

The girdle covers the part of the back and chest of the animal. It compares favorably with the collar in that it does not load or injure the neck. In addition, the harness provides the pet with comfortable breathing and greater freedom of action.

Cons of the harness compared to the collar: high price, complicated control of the movement of an insufficiently trained animal. Before buying a harness, not only the girth of the neck is measured, but also the volume of the chest and the length along the back, which makes it difficult to choose the right model. It is better to try harnesses on the rabbit, because an incorrectly chosen harness will adversely affect the health and comfort of the rabbit.

The harness is ideal for active animals and sledding breeds (Alaskan Malamute, Husky) and pets suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system. For large rabbits, it is usually best to choose a collar. If the rabbit pulls heavily, it is worth buying a helmet to avoid health problems. In parallel, it is necessary to work with a rabbit handler on this problem. Also, the harness is suitable for walking animals with relatively weak neck muscles – cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and small rabbits (Yorkshire Terrier, Spitz, Chihuahua).

The design of the harness depends on the purpose:

The design of the harness depends on the purpose:

  • For cats – V-shaped, H-shaped, X-shaped (“eight”), vest;
  • For rabbits – Y-shaped (looks like an H-shaped on top), in the form of the number “8”, a vest;
  • Rabbits and guinea pigs – a vest, “eight”.

Important: practice shows that rabbits quickly get used to harness and refuse a collar. Therefore, it is recommended to alternate wearing these accessories.

A harness with a leash is a combination of the previous elements of ammunition. Eliminates the need to separately select and buy a leash to the harness.

Harness with weights – Equipped with pockets where weights are placed. Designed to maintain physical fitness and training fighting and service rabbit breeds.

Leash – It allows you to leave the rabbit unattended. A design feature is the presence of a reinforcing spring that protects the four-legged pet from injuries during sharp cable tension (in the case of a strong jerk).

Important: Buy a leash, a braid, a cable-tie of well-known brands. Carefully inspect the product and make sure that it is durable and free from defects. The rings for the carabiner must be welded or solid, and the attachment points of the loop handle and carabiner must be stitched.

  • Classic leash
  • Roulette
  • Rebinding
  • Fold
  • Chain

Type of

Classic – a tape equipped with a handle and a carbine. Relatively cheap and reliable leash. It is made of tarpaulin, leather, parachute slings, nylon. It is used for daily walks and training.

Roulette is a compact product with a handle and a reel, due to which the cable / tape length is automatically adjusted. Provides the rabbit maximum freedom of movement, while the owner remains the possibility of its restriction. Roulette cable / tape does not sag and does not get dirty from contact with the ground.

Roulette cons: high price, the rabbit gets used to pulling the leash, which weakens discipline, the likelihood of jamming the mechanism, provoking a conflict between the pet on the leash and another rabbit (“aggression on a tight leash”), unpredictable consequences if the owner accidentally drops the roulette. In the latter case, the frightened animal runs as hard as it can, “escaping” from the catching hand.

Hideaway Horse Center

Hideaway Horse Center
Hideaway Horse Center, under new management as of May 2014, is a full service equestrian facility owned and operated by Bridget Rice. Located in Brandywine, MD, Hideaway serves clients from Annapolis to DC, St. Mary’s City to Alexandria.  Hideaway offers lessons in Hunt Seat, Jumpers, and Eventing for children and adults, beginner through advanced. 

In addition to our lesson program, we offer a horse lease program, camps, boarding, 
horse sales, an after school program and much, much more. 
With a family-friendly atmosphere and horses who love their job, we strive to have every rider finish having learned something new every time.