Horse Leasing Program
Hideaway offers a very affordable horse lease option for its students.  

The lease is $300 per month and includes:
-1 group lesson per week (60 minutes)
-2 practice rides per week (60 minutes each)

The standard lease package ($300 per month) can be upgraded to include 30 minute private lessons for $320 per month or 1 hour private lesson for $360 per month.  

Practice rides must occur on the same designated days per week but the student has the ability to pick which days work best for him/her.  

Leased horses are also available to attend off site shows as approved by the barn.  

Leasing is a wonderful way for students to get the experience of owning a horse without the full expense of boarding, vet bills, farrier bills, etc.  

Horses available for lease are shown below.
Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in leasing one of our horses.