What is rabbit's favorite food

What is rabbit’s favorite food?

What do rabbits eat?
Rabbits are rodents but they are also omnivores, so rabbit food is plentiful and easy to find in the home. You can completely take advantage of natural foods, vegetables, fruits, in addition, add industrial bran pellets for comprehensive health, fast growth, delicious meat quality and efficiency. high.

Rabbits food the breeder needs to know
1.Natural foods:

+ Green food: We are all too familiar with the sentence: “Rabbit, herbivores …”, yes, the main food of rabbits is natural green grass, from wild grasses such as sesame, grass. grass, para grass, para grass, .. to hard-bodied grasses like elephant grass are all forms of food that rabbits can easily consume.

What is rabbit's favorite food

Rabbits also love to eat vegetables and leaves such as: water spinach, sweet vegetables, vegetables, banana leaves, legumes, jackfruit leaves, corn leaves, sugar cane …

+ Fruit and vegetable foods: In addition to vegetables, you should also give your rabbit fruits and vegetables because they provide water and minerals. Types such as carrot, sweet potato, potato, cassava, pumpkin, kohlrabi, chayote …

However, when feeding rabbits, you need to balance the right proportion of food, with vegetables, rabbits can eat freely, and fruits and vegetables should not be fed much because eating a lot of them are prone to bloating. run.

Note: Before feeding your rabbit green food, and fruits, you need to choose the safe one, wash and dry. Avoid picking and feeding immediately because they can contain bacteria, pathogens for rabbits.

+ Dry food: In winter, where food is scarce or rainy days continue, dry food is considered a salvation for rabbits. Dry food is natural grass that is harvested and then dried. Make sure the grass is dried in direct sunlight so that it will be dry for a long time, so that it will not be moldy.

Rabbits can also eat paddy, corn, and nuts, but when feeding, you should crush them into small pieces to make them easier to eat.What is rabbit's favorite food

2. Synthetic feed:

Compound food for rabbits is pellets made from cornmeal, rice flour, wheat flour, fishmeal, … this form of food is rich in nutrients, providing starch, fat, and fat. Protein, vitamins and minerals help your rabbit quickly gain weight. However, this food should only be used when rabbits are between 7 weeks and 7 months of age. After 7 months, you should not feed much (only about 5% of body weight) because it is easy to cause obesity, affecting the fertility of rabbits.

Fodder for rabbits is quite expensive, so you should know how to balance and combine green foods and fruits to ensure profit.


What is rabbit's favorite food

3. Drinking Water:

Like many other animals, rabbits need enough water to stay healthy and thrive, especially when feeding dry food or pellets.

Your rabbit’s water supply should be clean, well water, tap water or rainwater, you need to change the water several times a day and clean the troughs regularly.